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Discovering innovative ways to write, produce and promote books.
Lean Thinking, Faster, Easier and Cheaper. New software accelerates typesetting, new machines automate printing and the Internet streamlines promotion. Technological improvements have spawned a fresh way to look at book publishing.
Books are printed using computer-driven high-speed laser printers. The soft cover and hardcover books are indistinguishable from traditional ink-printed books.
Book prices are just slightly higher, and the quantities and total costs are much lower.

Finished books may be sent to selected agents / publishers, some are sent for review to genre-specific magazines, some are sent to specialized book clubs, some are sent to opinion molders in the author's field.
Book promotion is done via email. Website replaces brochures. A Press Room on the web site replaces the media kit. Avoiding printing and postage reduces promotion costs tremendously.

Conserve time, inventory space and money while testing the market. More books are NOT printed until after they are sold. It is no longer necessary to tie up a lot of money and inventory in printed books.
That's Lean Thinking!
"Voices From The Back Seat"
"Cardboard In Their Shoes"
Last update: July 14 2012