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About: Joyce Gingerich Zuercher
Joyce was the first to make Amos and Nannie grandparents, and was privileged to live near them during her early years. After earning a Master's degree in Early Childhood Education, later augmented by reading specialist endorsements, she spent her professional career teaching kindergarten and later, first grade and reading. Having enjoyed reading and writing for many years, it was a labor of love to write this narrative about her grandparents. Joyce and her husband, Bill, have three children and two grandchildren. They are retired, living in Hesston, Kansas, where she continues to introduce children to reading.
About: - Ila J. Shaw
Ila is pronounced like: "eye - lah"
Ila Jean Shaw grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, 3rd youngest in a family of eight. Her early schooling was in the Iowa City public schools. She graduated high school from Iowa Mennonite School, near Kalona, Iowa. She was rebellious, smart, inquisitive, passionate, and ethical. Her family was and remains her strength.
At age forty, she became a single parent with three teenagers. As a single parent, she worked full time, and attended night classes for six years to complete her Social Work degree from the University of Iowa. For the last thirteen years she has been a family counselor providing in-home counseling to families and children. She has always aspired to writing books and articles that would entertain, teach, motivate and hopefully make a difference. “Cardboard In Their Shoes” is an emotional labor of love, dedicated to her mother who died in 1978.
“Voices From the Back Seat”. This book is about young, smart, and very brave children involved in child protection and foster care programs.
Writing is a continuing pleasure. More fiction and articles
are being worked on currently
About the Author
Ila Jean Shaw, BSW Degree, University of Iowa, August 1989, AA Degree in Human Services, Kirkwood Community College, Dec. 1986, Licensed Bachelor Social Worker, State of Iowa 10/25/96, National Association for Family Based Services through 10/98, Family Counselor providing services to families and individuals in professional settings. Thirteen years working with children and parents.

Here’s what others have said of Ila: Problem solver, Self-organized, Outstanding time planner, Self-motivated, Conscientious, punctilious, Eager and open to new concepts

Counseling skills inventory: Problem solving, Anger management, Abuse issues, Grief resolution, Self-esteem, Stress management, Marital Mediation

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: Parenting education; early childhood through teen, Consistently met or exceeded required counseling hours, Encouraged and prepared clients to speak and present at staff meetings, Referrals and coordination with community resources and area providers, Testifying at court or legal proceedings, to determine child safety and placement, Provide in- home mentoring for new peers, Team co-counseling, Coordination with foster parents
ADDITIONAL PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITES: Company representative at Health Fair in Washington County, company representative at West Branch High School Staff breakfast, Presented at company conference, Co- Authored a Parenting Program Leader Guide, Panel discussion/ Foster Care, Panel discussion/ Family Centered Services Effectiveness

While raising her three teenagers by herself, she worked full time in a feed mill office job, while going to college to get her degree at nights. An older adult in classes with very young college students took its toll and her patience. She stopped short of continuing on to her masters, to get more balance and a needed rest. Her life became a little easier as her first interview with her new Bachelors degree landed her a good position with a family counseling corporation.

After all her children were grow, educated and on their own, she remarried and dreamed of writing books and articles that would entertain, teach, motivate, make a difference and help. Her first one was a children’s story with a compelling worm character. Ila made her own sketches for the book, and read it aloud to a small audience.

Her next, “Cardboard In Their Shoes” was an emotional labor of love. See more about this book here.

And another, “Voices From The Back Seat”, stories about very young, smart and brave children she transported from foster homes to visit their moms. It will both tear your heart out, and show you the strength and character she shared and gave to her young clients. Ila counseled them from the front seat of her car as they were riding in child’s car seats in the back seat of her car.